Bee there for you Hamper

  • Bee there for you Hamper
  • Bee there for you Hamper
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Our "Bee There for You" Hamper Illuminates someone's path with your heartfelt Support. Packed with comforting sentiments of strength and courage, a Hamper full of encouragement, it serves as a tangible reminder that you're there for them through thick and thin. Embrace the power of friendship and support, letting them know that, like loyal bees in a hive, you're ready to stand by their side. Bee there for someone special with this thoughtful gesture that speaks volumes of your care and solidarity.


Included are:

•    Neutral tie of natural pampas wheat finished with hessian 
•    Van Roy caramel truffles x6 
•    Marseilles Soap Olive 125g
•    DM Bee card 
•    Matchbox I will always be there for you 
•    Sentiment Heart you have strength, courage and determination to overcome anything
•    Jelly cat Aloe vera 

Price: £60.00

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