UPDATE ON COVID 19 - 17/03/2020

Hi lovely friends,

Well thankfully our our first big flower delivery made it through, we’re just busy conditioning the fresh flowers ready. 

We know its a scary time for everyone, we’re certainly worried too, but we’re a small family business and we’re committed to fulfilling our orders and supplying flowers as long as they can get into the country, its safe to do so and until we absolutely are told we can’t.

Lets face it we need a little joy right now, especially our Mums as its their day on Sunday.

As in previous posts we are doing everything possible to protect our customers, staff, families and friends.

Our shop still remains open and will be well stocked for grab and go floral products and plants, every stem will be made up so that if you choose to personally visit us which your most welcome to then you don’t need to be in store long.

However, we ask that those who can, order online or give us a call 0161 483 3923 and we’ll deliver your gifts locally for Free.

You can choose any day for delivery as Mother's day will commence on Thursday giving us four days to deliver your gifts.

And, if your recipient lives a distance from you, can’t get out and is needing supplies of other items just let us know and we’ll see if we can help?

We need to pull together, support each other and we can get through this.

AGAIN, WE REMAIN YOUR LOCAL, FRIENDLY, FAMILY FLORIST and we’ll do our upmost to continue to serve you safely.



Dear Customers,

In light of the current worrying situation of of Corona Virus, we wanted to let you know how Cheshire flowers is taking measures to protect both you our customers and our staff. 

We know that the news today is that it is mostly business as usual, unless showing symptoms where we must then self isolate etc.... and this goes without saying that we wouldn’t put anybody at risk.

This virus is impacting everyday life, even if indirectly and we wish to ensure you that we will make every effort to continue as normal but taking extra precautions to avoid any further spread. 

We are very aware that many of our daily deliveries are often to the elderly or people who are poorly, with this in mind and to continue to still serve our customers, fulfil orders and deliveries we are implementing some measures to minimise risk and protect you our customers, the recipients of your floral gifts and our staff. 

We know that our products and service are probably needed more than ever at the minute to help lift moral and keep spirits up when theres so much uncertainty and fear around this awful worldwide situation.

We will continue to deliver your floral orders as normal but are taking extra daily measures, especially for those at most risk.  We may ask more questions when you order, one that we are able to phone ahead of the delivery, arrange an estimated time of arrival and leave the flowers on the doorstep or a safe place without further contact?  Especially if the recipient is vulnerable, This is for the safety of both parties.

Our normal delivery procedure is gaining a signature from the recipient as proof of delivery, instead if we are leaving the delivery in a dry, safe place, we will photograph the bouquet at the address.

All our drivers will wear gloves, all our staff will practice regularly washing of hands, we have antibacterial wipes on our counter for anyone wishing to use them, our bathroom is also available if you wish to wash your hands.

Our shop will remain open and trade as normal as we endeavour to keep everyone as safe as possible?  we have always had good cleaning measures in place but we are now are implementing extra daily cleaning with antibacterial products of any surface including our card machine, door handles and general public area. We are also regularly cleaning our work area, bathroom and kitchen and our delivery vehicles.

Our main public door will remain open so there is no need for contact.  

We advise that you use contactless for purchases under £30. 

We also accept apply pay for any amount.


As a small, local, family business its important to us that we are taking these measures, looking after our customers and staff, and playing a small part in avoiding if possible further spread of this virus.

We are currently preparing for Mothers day a week on Sunday, and we still welcome you into our shop to view and purchase our special mothers day products. 

We have our website where you can order online or you can call us if you don’t wish to come into the shop. 


We don’t wish to offend anyone with our mission to help combat further spread and we Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Please order as you would normally and we will continue our great service providing you with beautiful floral products as our reputation, your continued business and support is greatly appreciated.


So its Business as usual but with much cleaner florist hands

Florist with clean hands, whatever next?